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Boomer the dog: stolen or lost while in the care of a Rover sitter

So this situation made the news here in Houston. Apparently Boomer was in the care of a pet sitter hired through Rover and he has come up missing. There hasn’t been a claim of any proof that he was stolen by the sitter himself. I’m not too sure how it all went down, but the fault is being placed on pet sitter (which I agree with) but most importantly it seems like they want Rover to take responsibility. I’m sad for the owner as this is a horrible experience! This situation is bad publicity in the least and at worse it can be detrimental to new client attraction, Rover profit, etc. I thought it was a bit crazy that it made the news and Rover’s company name is being thrown around a lot. I realize this person worked through Rover but I don’t feel like it’s fair to the thousands of pet sitters nationwide who have not had any kind of incident like this. I think it’s bothering me more because of it being so close to home. Anyway, thoughts?

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Re: Boomer the dog: stolen or lost while in the care of a Rover sitter

Wow that's crazy. I havent heard anything about it but I think its bc I am all the way in ohio. It is sad for all of us bc one bad person can ruin a good thing. I really think Rover needs to do everything they can to figure out what happened to the dog as well as question the sitter that had the dog. I hope this doesn't affect your business. I love my job because it gives me a way to make money doing something I love while also being allowed to stay home and raise my children 

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