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Changes to the % overhead

I do understand the % overhead that Rover takes - that overhead is required to run a business. However, I would love to see some changes to that to consider length of stay, multiple dogs (since they have that option for us to give a discount), and longevity of service. It would be nice to incrementally decrease the % overhead for every year of service and/or benchmarks for reviews or something possibly up through 10% overhead. That would give sitters incentive to continue since I see so many sign on and then leave. What do you all think?

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Re: Changes to the % overhead

I have a customer that goes out of the Country twice yearly for 3 weeks.  I do give the customer a discount but agree that would be a Big help to my customer and me.  I also agree that would possibly keep new customers. 


Re: Changes to the % overhead

I’m ok with the commission % taken seeing I don’t have to worry about a store front, billing, insurance, an app, a platform to do business on, advertising, etc, etc. 

However, Rover incentives for doing more business such as last Christmas season, ‘points’ were awarded for booking more, then points had to be used with spending our own money on buying pet supplies from product sponsors... I felt this disingenuous.  

If there be future incentives let’s have a lesser commission % taken (= more $ in our pocket) instead of points to spend what we busted humps for to earn. 😉

Thank you for the opportunity. 🐾


Los Angeles 


Re: Changes to the % overhead

I agree! I won points but the offerings were pointless. I think a bonus, even a small one, would be nice. However, the vendors might have paid Rover an incentive to market their products. I worked for a major grocery store that did this. Once the profit percentage went over 200% just on one product.