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Charging fees

I just have a question well a couple. One lady drops dog off with me. We did a meet and greet she was very nice but I could tell right away she was super overprotective of her dog but against my better judgment agreed to watch the dog. (Example my daughter fell off her skateboard on concreate and got hurt and she showed my daughter no attention basically scolded her bc her skate board went in the direction of her dog,) newayz. She dropped her off at 7am on drop off day and I had let her know that I allow 3 hours after drop off time. So she needed to pick dog up at 10am. Well she messaged me today and said oh I'll be back early around 2pm will that be ok. 2pm isnt early its 9 hours past her drop off time. I told her that at the meet and greet I told her she needed to pick up within 3 hours bc I dont get paid and she hasnt responded so now what do I do? Also she jumped down my throat earlier in the stay bc I was asking simple questions about her dog and she flipped out and acted crazy. I know I'm going to get a bad review out of this. Does anyone have advice and maybe does someone have a contract I could see so I can start getting everything in writing. Thanks in advance 


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