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Re: Cleaning Supplies

I have been using Rocco & Roxie Proffesional Strenght Stain & Odor Eliminator. Works like a charm. Get it at or Amazon

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Re: Cleaning Supplies

Nature's Miracle. And no carpet. If you have carpet, I really don't know how you do it.

I have tile throughout the house, which I sweep and mop at least once a day when I have multiple dogs. I keep my furniture covered with old sheets to collect dirt, mud (if it's been raining), and fur from shedding. These are also switched out and washed once a day. If a dog urinates on the floor, I use Nature's Miracle and a scrub brush to get it out of the grout. I let it soak for a couple minutes before mopping. The Nature's Miracle is also great for anything that does soak through the sheets and onto the furniture.

I keep a set of cheap rewashable towels that can be used to clean up accidents or mud if I can't mop right away. These are cheaper than paper towels. Also, remember that all cleaning supplies can be deducted on your taxes. Just make sure to save the receipts!

Oh, and one more thing... Bath & Body Works Wallflowers and Candles! I always recieve compliments about how nice my house smells:) Some of their scents are quite strong, and are sure to cover up any lingering odor if you haven't had a chance to do a deep clean in awhile.



Re: Cleaning Supplies

That is a good system! I may try that one myself!

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Re: Cleaning Supplies

I love Thornell Corporation’s KOE (kennel odor eliminatior and AOE (animal odor eliminator.