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Client agreement paperwork

Does anybody here offer to sign your clients a standard client agreement ?   When rover didn't exist and I  leave my dog in a kennel and I used to sign paperwork saying I told them everything about my dog, that he is well behaved, etc, etc.  

And today I was wondering.  Do you offer that to your clients?  


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Re: Client agreement paperwork

From a lot of the stories I see in Facebook groups it should definitely be a consideration for most sitters. And then we still only know a small part of the dogs until we actually spend time with them. It's something I will probably look into creating for myself.

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Re: Client agreement paperwork

Many sitters have their clients sign a contract that defines the sitter's services and policies.   It makes good sense to me even though I don't use one.

Re: Client agreement paperwork

I use one I worked for a pet hotel before I started with Rover and that paperwork had saved me many times, so I figured it would be a good idea. I fill it out for them during the meet and greet and have them read and sign it at the end. It is a great way to make sure you ask all the questions that pet parents want you to ask and makes things look very professional and never has you texting them to ask things they want you to know already.

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