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Dog Sitting / Dog Walker jobs

Where else can I post jobs for Dog Walker / Pet sitter jobs, besides Craigslist? I live in Canada.  I'm new on this site, but am doing really well.  

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Top dog

Re: Dog Sitting / Dog Walker jobs

Lots of sitters have had good luck with putting up tear-off flyers on public bulletin boards or posting in local Facebook groups.  Some have had luck with Nextdoor, not sure if it is available in Canada?    Always have business cards with you and strike up a conversation with folks you see out walking their dogs; dog parks can be a good resource also.    Best of luck

Dog fanatic

Re: Dog Sitting / Dog Walker jobs

I’ve recently done up postcards from Vistaprint. ( cost is quite minimal and you can write it off) Over the next week I will go around to local pet shops, community boards, coffee shops ( community boards), dog parks and post my postcards with all my information handy. Also just chatting up people in your neighbourhood walking their dogs ( always having business cards or postcards handy ). You might also consider doing a direct mailing in your area. You can get costs at your local post office to s direct mailing in your area with postcards. Good luck !