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Dog sitting rates?

Hey everyone!

I've been having some issues with pricing when I have booking requests for more than two dogs and would love to know some other house sitting pricing that people advertise? Kennels in my area charge base fee of anywhere from $20-30+ per dog and often charge extra for walks and such so I feel I am competitive compared but have been having issues with some requests saying I am too expensive. Overall have had minimal complaints about pricing but would love to know what other people do and what discounts are offered?



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Re: Dog sitting rates?

The pricing can be a difficult decision to make but think about aligning incentives for business that you want. For instance if you want a lot of clients with multiple dogs that would stay think about having a higher price for 1 dog but then charging half that price (or whatever you want) for each additional dog.  If you want dogs that will be staying for atleast a X days then set 10% discount or so for the longer stays.  And if your preferences are the opposite then raise the price for those options.  I would recommend looking at the Rover map of sitters near you and seeing what their service rates and reviews are compared to yours. 

Yes, I think most people would prefer to keep a dog with an individual sitter over a kennel if cost is same.

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Re: Dog sitting rates?

I'd re-focus the conversation on what is covered.

Kennels and facilities have a much higher dog:human ratio, meaning less personalized care, often they don't get walks (just potty relief), they're susceptible to more issues (ranging from accidents to contagious illnesses), and many times it's a la carte (so there's an extra charge for things sitters at home often give for free - cuddling, play, light grooming, etc.)

Not all sitters offer the same level of service either. Even on Rover, some have jobs, school and other committments. And not all sitters have the same level of experience. It may benefit you to take inventory of all that you provide and what sets you apart (because you'll probably find it's not comparing apples to apples).

In general, I find the people that want the cheapest price and want to haggle are not people I want to help with their pet's care. People who want to pay the least for their dogs often do not invest in training to have well mannered pets, and nutrition & grooming is often lesser quality (resulting in more unpleasantries) than the more pampered pets.



Re: Dog sitting rates?

I agree with OCdogcare and cmbays.  

For myself, I charge $25/night per dog.  I have two boarding facilities that are within 3 miles of my home.  My rate for two dogs at $50/night is still cheaper than both facilities.  The number one complaint I get from potential or current clients is that their dog either came home sick from those boarding facilities or the number of dogs in there is just too much.  

Keep in mind what you offer for your rate!  Boarding facilities just don't have what we have to offer as Rover sitters.

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Re: Dog sitting rates?

Thank you so much for all the feedback! Super super helpful. :)

Re: Dog sitting rates?

The funny thing about new clients asking for discounts is 95% of the time they will have 2 or more large dogs. I'll get request from people with 3 small dogs who don't ask for a discount, but I'll usually give them one anyway.

I live 2 miles away from MacDill Airforce Base so I always have quite a few people in the service as clients. They also usually never ask for a discount, but I give them one anyway. Instead of just saying "Thank you for your service", I actually do thank them with the cost of taking care of their dogs.

I have 7 dogs who live here so it's funny to me when people ask for a multi-dog discount. I am always tempted to tell people I don't receive a discount on dog food, medicine or vet care for my pack and don't see why boarding them would be any different.

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