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Dog walkers?

I've been on"available" to dog walk (passed the tests) for about two weeks. I haven't had anyone reach out to me yet. I thought I might get at least one. I have several great testimonials, pics... I'm looking for walking only so maybe that's why, but I wanted to ask the Rover community if I should have gotten at least one client by now? Am I forgetting something? Any advice is appreciated, especially how long did it take you to get your first walking client?

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Re: Dog walkers?

Not all Rover walkers or sitters get clients immediately, it can take time, sometimes weeks or even months.   In my case, it took 3 months to get my first walk booked.   Walks are one of the least booked services on the Rover platform and many factors play into the equation, where you live is the biggest as larger cities and suburban area's where clients commute and work long hours, small cities or rural area not so much.    Since we cannot see your Rover profile it's difficult to offer any suggestions to help your profile stand-out.    And if you are in a Rover now area are you using the App to find on-demand walks?