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Doggy Nightcare

Hey everyone,

I'm just curious if anyone dog sits at night. I see some doggy day care pick up times can be as late as 10pm but what if you only started at like 6pm and someone just needs a night to themselves or time to run some errands after work (like babysitting jobs I used to do as a teen). I was thinking of trying this out for my weeknights when I don't have much going on (I live downtown by myself with no pets) but it looks like you have to be open the regular 7am-6pm for a certain time before you can change your hours. I'm still looking for ways to be more open even with my 8-5 job.

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Re: Doggy Nightcare

Hi there! 

My normal hours for daycare are 6am - 8pm. I don't get a lot of evening daycare. But latley I've had a couple that have been coming into town to watch their daughters music performance at the college.  Since they were only dropping off for a few hours to watch their daughter perform I was a little more flexible.

Evening daycare is possible. State it in your profile with your hours.  They will come!

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Re: Doggy Nightcare

Daycare doesn't have to be traditional hours that you mentioned. Evening night care might fit well with your schedule. I'd suggest you highlight it in your profile: Available evenings from __PM to __ PM. Great for dinners out, events without puppy/dog, date nights & family nights.

Overnight care might be difficult to coordinate the dog going home during the morning before work. That said, nurses who work 12 hour shifts overnight also look for evening & overnight dog care sometimes.