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I’m new to Rover and I charge $70 for overnight but that’s for 1pet what should I charge for for 3 , 2 dogs and 1 cat? Any suggestions?

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Re: Rates

There are no established rates. The nationwide pet care market differs greatly based on geographic competitiveness factors, as well as what you are able to provide, in terms of knowledge, skills, amount of time and attention allocated to each pet, and the match or fit of your home to the pet's needs (i.e. other pets, kids competing for time, if you're there 24 x 7 or how often/long you're away, space to run around & exercise as needed, etc.)

I'd suggest starting by looking up rates charged by popular local pet care places. The rates published on rover reflect that not everyone offers the same level of services, with some posting extremely low rates that are less than walks. 

That said, some sitters discount a second or multiple dogs, some don't. Most commonly, the discount seems to be $5-$15 less than the first dog. Cat rates seem to range between $10-$25.  Again, based on what's needed, you can also choose to make a cost adjustment on the booking, before you click Book It and explain it there.


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