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Get more clients

I have been with Rover for weeks and still have no clients. What can i do to attract clients? I posted on craigslist and facebook as well as the Nextdoor app.

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Re: Get more clients

@Kgalanis88  For many new sitters it does take time to acquire clients, for some it takes days, for some it takes months.   Make sure your profile shines, has good pictures and a well written about me section.  If you haven't already taken it pass the Rover 101 Quiz and get the badge it is important.   And testimonials are also important so ask friends and family to help  Post your Rover profile link on your dashboard to this post and the community may be able to give you more tips to help you  


Re: Get more clients

So my phone is being slow so I cant view your profile but honestly take lots of pictures with you working with dogs, walking dogs ect. And post them to your profile. The more pictures the better. Even if it's a family pet or a friends take pics of them and also get someone to take pics of you playing with them and add them to your profile. Also update availability calendar regularly