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Getting Clients

How long does it normally take to get clients? I’ve been sharing my profile on Facebook groups and my own, used the promo code for promotions and to get my name out there... I’m trying to make this a full time job for when my little one comes! 



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Dog fanatic

Re: Getting Clients


i am in Norfolk, Va so I have this option in my settings.  Do you?  Rover has sent me two dogs that don’t match all my criteria, but I ended up taking them and everything was great.

Dog fanatic

Re: Getting Clients

No, I do not have that setting. I might have to look on the computer though. That’s a cool way to get clients. Thanks. 

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Dog fanatic

Re: Getting Clients


So I'm sure you may know some of these tips but figured I'd share with you. 

Check your service radius- may want to try expanding to see if any requests come in 

Update your calendar regularly, it helps your search results 

When I first started Rover had quizzes to take that gave me temporary boost in search results 

Honestly, it took me a few weeks to start getting dog walking and drop in requests. All of my first requests that came in were for dog boarding and they were like wildfire! Not sure what services your offering. I know depends on location too. So maybe will take some time. But often for me it comes in spurts. Things are quiet and then I'll have several in matter of few days. 

Best personal tips: get as many testimonials from friends/family about the kind of person you are, your work ethic, your love for dogs. The more you have the better, so people have something to reference. 

And in your picture gallery having some photos interacting with dogs would be helpful too! 

You can take a look at my profile. Maybe it will help spark some ideas for you. Happy to help!