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Getting Clients

I have been a sitter for a month and have not gotten any gigs yet. Am I doing something wrong? What are some tips for landing clients?

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Re: Getting Clients


It can take a while for people notice your profile, especially if you are a newbie,  I recommend you post on craigslist and post some flyers around the area you live and get your prices a little bit lower than the other sitters. So you can get noticed.  can you share your rover profile so we can help you?  

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Re: Getting Clients

I agree with Viviana   post your Rover profile link shown on your dashboard - we will try to give you some tips.  Best of luck it does take time to acquire clients - for me it took 3 months


Re: Getting Clients

I agree with what everyone else said. The places I have received some busines from was my Google account and all quit a lot form

Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out to me again if you like.


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