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Community Manager

Re: Has this community died on the vine?

@WaltG My understanding is all sitters are invited to join the community when they are approved for providing their service on the platform but I have reach out to our Sitter Team to make sure they send a reminder out in the next newsletter. 

As far as traffic to this site it is about the same or greater than it has been in the past for people viewing comments to find information they need.  Right now there is no plan to phase out this site as it appears that users are finding answers they need in previously posted questions.  

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Re: Has this community died on the vine?


In case you weren't aware, emails titled Community Beta Test Invite sent in March 2018, which were selectively to some sitters stated, Before we roll this site out to all sitters, we’d like to invite you to join a small, select group of sitters to test it out and give us feedback before we go live.

It's clear that new sitters have been invited to join since then. However, somehow the step was missed of inviting experienced sitters, who contribute to Rover's more established Q&A community -- where there is much more content and often answers to new sitter questions that are posed here.