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Help Booking a Client

I’m new to Rover and have gotten 2 booking requests and when I have gotten back to them saying I’m available I’ve never heard back from them? One person I had a short conversation with and the second I responded 15 mins later then they denied the bookings request? And it’s just me saying I’m available! How do I keep a client to actual book? What do I say? 

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Top dog

Re: Help Booking a Client

When sends a booking request, encourages them to send additional requests to more sitters (to increase chances of finding a match). So, it's great that your profile is resulting in your getting contacts. The next step is quickly responding and exchanging information, and if it seems like a match setting up a meet&greet. At the meet & greet, exchanging more information, learning about the pet (ideally starting a bond), and agreeing about the care to be provided and booking it soon thereafter.

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Dog fanatic

Re: Help Booking a Client

Always try to respond to the initial request within a few minutes.  Offer to setup a meet and greet as clients tend to like that you are interested in meeting them and their pet first.


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