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House sitting

So, when someone requests an overnight stay, but they need you from... let’s say lunch time until the next afternoon, do you charge for two days, or just the overnight? The Rover app doesn’t really specify and leaves it up for discussion... what do y’all think?

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Re: House sitting

You should definitely charge two days. That your time they’re using. Charge your worth 

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Top dog

Re: House sitting

It can vary. For example, if the difference is just a couple hours (26 vs. 24), it seems many sitters would not charge more just as a courtesy and from a loyalty relation building perspective. Likewise, if it's for regular clients that keep you busy, giving you their business almost every month throughout the year.

If it's for a first time client, and more than just a couple hours over, I'd be more inclined to let them know before booking that there would be a charge for the additional hours. If it's about four hours, the additional charge may be about half aof a daycare rate.. If it's was approx. 8/9 hours, that might be like a daycare rate. If over 10-12 hours, then likely another full night charge.

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