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Dog fanatic

How do I get more clients?

How do I get more clients? I seek to be struggling to get even 1 on this app. I would like some tips on how to get my process in motion 

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Top dog

Re: Cliets

Make sure your calendar is up to date - do it daily.    Having great pictures on your profile is important as is taking and passing the Rover 101 quiz and getting the badge.  Make sure your about me section reads well, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are keys when someone looks at you.    If you want share your profile link from your dashboard and others can comment.   For many of us just starting out it can take weeks or even months to get that first booking.   Best of luck to you

Dog fanatic

Re: Cliets

Research what the going rates are in your community & charge about $5-10 less to get clients in the door. Once you have at least 5 great reviews you can increase your rates to market value.  Also photos are important. Focus on quality, color, lots of greenery. They must show you smiling & playing/walking with dogs & dogs having fun while in your care.