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Dog fanatic

How to get more clients?

Hi! I just started with Rover to be a dog walker/runner and day-sitting! I filled out my profile, got a testimonial and paid for the highest background check. I haven't gotten any inquires... any advice on how to get more business? 

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Dog fanatic

Re: How to get more clients?

Make sure your calendar is up to date as often as possible and share the news on social media. Also, are your rates competitive to sitters in your area?

Dog person

Re: How to get more clients?

Update your profile constantly.  Put up as many pics of you doing things with dogs, make sure they are different dogs, not all the same one

Re: How to get more clients?

Just wondering, do you ever worry people will be upset if you use their dogs photo on your profile?

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Re: How to get more clients?

Hello! I’ve been sitting now for about a month, and I’ve only had overnight stays. I also think I severly undercut most other sitters in my area for $26 a night. As far as photos and such, my clients tend to make those cute little videos. I keep them updated because I sorta understand the separation anxiety that can occur on both sides. I don’t even mess with my profile and being a full time stay at home parent opens my schedule. Currently I have a 3 week stay client. His name is Cooper and he’s a 12 year old Choclate Lab who just enjoys sleeping at our feet and taking it easy. I also have an 11 day stay booked for November. In summation, I believe the trick is price, length of stay, multiple clients at a time and your booking score. Sorry if I went on there, but I hope this helps. Have a great day!