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Dog fanatic

Just for Fun!

I'm interested in learning about my fellow sitters! Just for fun:

1) How long have you been a sitter on

2) How many dog-sits have you completed?

3) What kind of dogs do you have?

4) Where do you live?

5) What do you like best about being a dog-sitter?

My name is Sarah. I've been a sitter for almost 4 years. I have completed about 550 dog-sits. I have a Bernese Mountain dog, a Great Pyrenees, and a Teacup Yorkie (my newest addition!). I live in San Antonio, TX. The thing I like best about dog-sitting is getting to interact with and learn about all of the different dog breeds that I wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to!

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Dog fanatic

Re: Just for Fun!

Hi my name is Sunny

and I love ROVER

I have been loving the 2 years and 160 dogs I have cared for!

 I have had 9 Great Danes and when the last one passed I needed my DOG FIX

so I signed up to Rover ( thanks to Al K who works for Rover) and I love the company!!  The support team is fabulous and so are the clients and their sweet doggies from 200lbs Great Danes to 3 lbs yorkies

i live in Huntington Beach by the ocean and Pier

Im in heaven






Re: Just for Fun!

 Hi my name is Mercedes I have been with Rover for almost 3 years I have sat for so many dogs! All shapes and sizes :-) it’s been so much fun and I love the different personalities they bring to my house.

I have two dogs  my little girl is a mini Minpin all of 7 1/2 pounds and she was about 11 years old :-) our other dog is Mr. he adopted us followed me home while we were out taking a walk with the other dogs unfortunately nobody claimed him. Soo he has found a forever home with us  and is now a healthy 14 1/2 pounds. :-)  He is hands-down one of the most awesome dogs around! He is my working dog he plays  with every down the comes through the house  is absolutely great with shy dogs and is great at bringing them out of their shells. He is the first one to let me know if the energy is not right.

We live in Altamonte Springs Florida.


Re: Just for Fun!

My name is Chelsey.  I have been with Rover for almost a year but previously with Dogvacay.  A total of a year an a half.  I have completed 649 stays.  I have a golden retriever , yellow lab and pitty.  I live in Reno, NV.  What I love best about Rover is all the puppy love.  Getting to know each and every individual dog that stays with us is a blast!


Re: Just for Fun!

My name is Viviana and I've been a rover sitter for 3 years.  I have completed 425 stays.  I have a rottweiler and  Live in Knoxville, TN.   I love having dogs around! It's the best therapy. I have a 3-acre property, so I really enjoy having puppies everywhere running and playing, knowing different breeds. 

Dog fanatic

Re: Just for Fun!

Hi, my name is Gloria and hubby's name is Dom we have been sitting with Rover for nearly 3 years (migrated from Dog Vacay) we have dog-sat about 300 doggies. Our pets are an Italian Greyhuahua 8lbs rescue from Texas and a Chinese Crested 12 lbs. Rescued from Puerto Rico. We are from New Jersey and what I love most is getting to interact with all different breeds, making true friendships with the dog pawrents ane paying off my bills is the icing on the cake. 

Dog fanatic

Re: Just for Fun!

Hi, this is fun. my name is Barbara and my husband is Richard we have had 830 stays. weve been with Rover since Dogvacay and Rover merged. Was with Dogvacay since 2014. We live in Salem Oregon.  I love having a variety of pups each has his or hers individual personalities which make each very special.  We do not have any pets except a fish in a pond. :)  Are pup who was a Lab and Great Pyrenese died which is what got us started with Dogvacy to fill the gap until we got a new pup.  Now we have so many to love we don't need to get one for ourselves.


Re: Just for Fun!

1) How long have you been a sitter on I have been a Rover girl since July 2017.

2) How many dog-sits have you completed? I will have to get back with an actual count. I have been so busy I have lost count. I can say my Rover business has been off the charts for so short of time. I am humbly proud to say I am #1 in my area! I have already passed my 2017 record in 2018 and it is only March!

3) What kind of dogs do you have? I have a Pekichi (Pekinese/Chihauhau mix)

4) Where do you live? NC

5) What do you like best about being a dog-sitter? I have always wanted to work from home. I tried several direct selling businesses but I am not a hard sell person. Rover sells itself. I love being at home with my elderly husband and my own little dog. It doesn't feel like I am even working. The social interaction has been great for my dog. Rover is the best sitter service ever! The admin work they provide us is worth the percent I pay them. The calendar keeps my head on straight and I love being paid with Paypal. This all makes my job so easy. I tried another online sitter service and I got creeps contacting me. I did get one good client that I still have outside of Rover. I dropped the service and kept the client.

Dog fanatic

Re: Just for Fun!

Hey - My daughter and I have been Rover sitters for 2 years now.  We have 53 reviews and 13 repeat clients.  Dogs love our backyard since its fenced in and love the deck since it overlooks the backyard and its great so spotting those squirrels and rabbits!   Here's a few photos our our favorite dogs. 


DSC09702.jpgAtlaschurro.jpgChurroRyderCharlie.jpgOur own dog Ryder (left) and Charlie

Re: Just for Fun!

Hello Rover Hosts!  My name is Kathleen and I have been with rover for a little over 3 years. 

I pet sat for family, friends and neighbors when we lived in Illinois, without charging because I enjoyed it. I also owned horses and belonged to trail riding groups.  After moving to Mesa, Arizona, I was a foster parent for a pet rescue group for 3 years.  Later, I was with a small pet care group called SleepOverRover for 3 years and rover absorbed them.

I limit to 4 boardings and 3 day care and most of the time I am either booked, over booked or at least have 2 dogs.  I just opened my profile to the public.  It usually doesn't take long before I have to close to repeats only.  Although I still have several repeat retrievers that come for their 4pawsvacations at times, I did lower the size and weight to small dogs.

I am the type of person that Has to have a fur friend around!  I Love horses and horseback riding but due to the heat, cost of owning a horse and finances I now go to riding stables.  I Love having the gues pups, taking them on walks, lap time and snuggle time at night.  I should had started this as a business when I lived in Illinois!