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Re: Just for Fun!

1) How long have you been a sitter on - just a little over 2 years

2) How many dog-sits have you completed? - I just checked last week and have over 600 bookings- sure they are mostly recurring walks, but it still counts doesn't it?

3) What kind of dogs do you have? - Just one right now he is a 12 year old Chihuahua mix

4) Where do you live? - Lake Ridge, VA - 20 miles outside of DC

5) What do you like best about being a dog-sitter?    I started it for the exercise as I retired about 3 years ago and was turning into a couch potato  - the income is pretty good.    And I even enjoy the bad weather days after spending alll of my working life inside - being outside 4-5 hours each weekday is awesome!


Re: Just for Fun!

Just to clarify.....I did promote Rover the the client with the other service that I dropped. They declined and wanted to be my private client.

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