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Kennel cough

Hello I’m a rover sitter and this is my second client and my dog seems to be sick and has kennel cough . He’s thrown up foamy stuff in various places in the house . I have called the vet but had to leave a message . Also the dog I am watching is extremely whiny and is a bit off . 

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Re: Kennel cough & illness

If you haven't already done so, you need to send a message to the pet parents stating what you've observed and that you've contacted their vet, and ended up leaving a message. I'd then contact Rover, just to keep them in the loop, especially if there are other dogs present that could contract anything contagious. After that, contact the vet again - as many times as needed until you can speak to someone. If that doesn't happen by 3PM, I'd message the pet parents again about going to another vet practice because you've haven't been able to get through to theirs. By 4pm, I'd be on the way to take the dog to a vet for evaluation & any necessary medication.


Re: Kennel cough & illness

Is it just foamy stuff or is it bile as well that he’s throwing up? Bile is yellowish and mucus looking most of the time.


*edit: sorry, just realized how old this thread is!

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