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Meet and Greets without Booking a Boarding.

To Rover, - I'm a sitter and also dog mom who from time to time need day or overnight boarding.In order to schedule a meet and greet, Rover requests a boarding date. I put a date in just to send the message out, ( then that boarding date appears the sitter did not accept that booking and affects our booking score).  It would be helpful if there was just a meet and greet option that did not require a specific date. As a sitter and a dog owner, I don't want to commit to a booking with out a meet and greet and often times dog guests don't have specific dates yet but want to see if the dog and sitter are right for each other. Thank you. 

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Re: Meet and Greets without Booking a Boarding.

Hi @Doglovingsitter !

Thank you so much for coming to the Community and posting this suggestion!


We are always working to provide a great experience for our Sitters, Walkers and pet Owners, so I appreciate the feedback from both sides!
I will be making note of your feedback and will forward it to the proper team. 

Thank you again for your time, input and thoughts, I appreciate it :-)



Re: Meet and Greets without Booking a Boarding.

I agree with Doglovingsitter.  It would also be a way for rover hosts to meet each other without hurting their score.  I use a local rover sitter for my dog but want to connect with other rover hosts, for my own use in the future, and to refer potential customers that aren't a good fit and customers that need a backup when I am on vacation.


Re: Meet and Greets without Booking a Boarding.

Good morning, My profile includes Meet and Greets required prior to taking a dog sit. Also now for new dog clients in my home for dog boarding, if it's multiple nights, I now request a day board in advance to assess if the dog will be comfortable for a multile night sit especially with my two dogs. On one hand this has resulted in  building repeat clients when the dog parents feel the same way about an intital trial sit or overnight.  On the flip side, I often don't hear back from many dog owner who just joined that day when I message that a meet and greet is required before accepting a booking for their pet.  I also live in a tourist destination with people who need pet boarding and want a confirmed booking before doing a meet and greet. A Meet and Greet option for people looking for dog sitters, would be most helpful.

Re: Meet and Greets without Booking a Boarding.

I really hope this gets addressed in reality. I've had 2 people not want to accept my m & g but we met anyways. Are we not supposed to meet if they don't accept? At this moment I have a booking request out and the person still hasn't accepted it. Not sure what to do about this kind of situation.

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