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More specific time blocks for dog walking

 Hey all!

Something that I'm having trouble with recently is my low dog walking score. I have on my profile what hours I am available and that, as a college student, I am better utilized for brief trips or last minute bookings rather than regular, indefinite numbers of walks. Unfortunately, a lot of potential clients don't read this and send me requests for regular walks or try to book for times I am unavailable. This then leads to me archiving requests because I am not available, so my dog walking score is pretty low! 

I think it would be useful if Rover allowed us to more specifically enter our availability for walks and drop-ins, rather than just selecting between morning, afternoon, and evening hours. That would filter out requests for hours I'm not available. Likewise, something to indicate that you're a short-term versus long-term walker would be great, preferably with more concise wording. That, or there needs to be another option such as "Owner did not read my profile" :-)

Any thoughts on this, or tricks for filtering these requests that I may not know about?

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Re: More specific time blocks for dog walking

Hi not sure where you live but you sound like a perfect walker for the Quick Match program if it is offered in your city.   But I agree with you on having hours of availability for standard walks, but in my experience, most Rover clients look for M-F mid-day walks for their pups.    Those needing a short notice walk typically use the Wag platform.  

And don't worry about your booking score, it's just a measurement of you against other walkers.