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My first doggy boarding in my home

Good day!
Just wanted to share. 

I had my first overnight doggie day and night care this past weekend and it was awesome. I so enjoyed having Rocco and he's due to come back to stay with my Lola and I again tomorrow. 

Thanks Rover for the opportunity!  


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Re: My first doggy boarding in my home

Congrats ! Good job, I’m sure you enjoyed the visit ! I have a really sweet Collie / German Shepard mix that would absolutely love company. One of my friends thought she might be an Australian Herd Dog ; she’s already eight years old and still so full of life & energy. Instead of adopting or rescuing another dog we hope to start booking over night stays instead. 

~~ Thx for sharing the sweet pics ~~ 


peace ✌🏿 & love ❤️ to our sweet community.

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