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Need help getting first clients!!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Jared, I have had no requests yet but really would love for this to work out,  making some cash doing something I really enjoy, it has been a week no requests for anything. Any suggestions on getting first clients? Look at my                                   profile :, tell me if there is anything that I should do, I already ordered the Buisness cards, anything helps.

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Re: Need help getting first clients!!!!

I shared my contact and promo code on Nextdoor and Facebook pages related to areas that I wanted to get work from. I also started small with neighbors only. Oh yeah, check to be sure that your settings aren't set to 'AWAY' mode. This happened to me and once I realized that and made corrections I started seeing a lot of requests. Some don't book or they are writing to the wrong sitter, yadda yadda yadda.  Good luck 👍

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Re: Need help getting first clients!!!!

1) you appear to have set a very large service area - this typically hinders you from showing up in searches for the traveling services, walks and drop-ins.

2) your about me section could use some work, it's vague and doesn't describe what care you are offering.  Have someone close to you read it and suggest improvements. 

3) acquiring clients takes time for many of us it took several months, best of luck


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Re: Need help getting first clients!!!!

 You will want to do some research and find out what the "hot buttons" are for pet parents.  Check out reviews of traditional pet boarding establishments ( from anywhere, doesn't have to be local)  Look for problems and issues and then create your profile to in such a way to show how you solve those problems. 

Example:  Problem:They put my dog in a cage for most of the day only letting him out 2x to relieve himself

The Solution, you can write how you solve that problem:   I'm home 24/7 so your dog will never be crammed in a caged for hours at a time.  They will be loved on and played with in a relaxed and comfortable just like home enviroment. We are outside several times a day playing and hanging out as a pack.  

Your headline and profile should not be about you! Yes you need to tell them you love dogs, but more importantly you need to demonstrate what that looks likes.  TEST TEST TEST.  ASK ASK ASK  Take to your social media friends and ask questions of your friends.  Pet Parents if you had to leave your dog behind for a vaction what would be your biggest concern?  Give them choices or let them free flow the answer. 

YOUR HEADLINE:  You need to capture, in less than a second, the eye of a pet parent looking for the best place to leave thier precious baby!  What do they value above everything else?  Don't be afraid to test headlines until you find the one that works best.  I'm testing out a headline right now where I focus on the guilt feelings one might have about leaving thier baby with a complete stranger!  

I think Rover gives some great ideas to get your name out there.  You can get out there and network!  There are business network groups you can join.  Create a great 60 sec elevator speech focusing on how your service solves a big problem in the dog boarding industry.  Where promotional shirts and jackets and walk your clients in a populated park or dog park.  Let people know what you are doing and given them promo code to share with others. 

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