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Need help getting first clients!!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Jared, I have had no requests yet but really would love for this to work out,  making some cash doing something I really enjoy, it has been a week no requests for anything. Any suggestions on getting first clients? Look at my                                   profile :, tell me if there is anything that I should do, I already ordered the Buisness cards, anything helps.

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Re: Need help getting first clients!!!!

I shared my contact and promo code on Nextdoor and Facebook pages related to areas that I wanted to get work from. I also started small with neighbors only. Oh yeah, check to be sure that your settings aren't set to 'AWAY' mode. This happened to me and once I realized that and made corrections I started seeing a lot of requests. Some don't book or they are writing to the wrong sitter, yadda yadda yadda.  Good luck 👍

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Re: Need help getting first clients!!!!

1) you appear to have set a very large service area - this typically hinders you from showing up in searches for the traveling services, walks and drop-ins.

2) your about me section could use some work, it's vague and doesn't describe what care you are offering.  Have someone close to you read it and suggest improvements. 

3) acquiring clients takes time for many of us it took several months, best of luck


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