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New PayPal 3% Fee - how to react?

PayPal is now charging a 3% fee to RECEIVE payment from private clients if they select me as a service provider. That, plus the 1% fee to transfer to my bank is stealing my profits from sitting. I can't raise my rates as my rates are what my local market will bear. I SUSPECT Rover payments will soon be subject to that fee.

Any suggestions?


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Re: New PayPal 3% Fee

I'm not seeing a new PayPal fee at

The 1% that I think you're referring to is only if you select to Instantly transfer funds to your account, rather than the Free Standard transfer, which usually deposits the next day.

The 3% has always been there for business, so I don't think that's a cause for concern about Rover fees increasing.

For friends who send you money (like when you help them out caring for their dog, who you met outside of rover), they can send money for free.


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Re: New PayPal 3% Fee - how to react?

It appears to me you opened a PayPay business account and yes it does have fees.   You'd be better off with a personal account.  And for your personal clients, I'd change their payment method to cash or check.  Best of luck going forward