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New to Rover

I’m new to rover and I’m wondering how everyone has built up a steady client base. I have only had one referral who did board with me and gave me a perfect review. She will be rebooking with me in a couple of weeks for an extended stay so I’m just curious why or how you get more clients. Do you find word of mouth is more helpful?

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Re: New to Rover

Make sure you follow the Rover suggestions to keep your scores high. Send pics to clients during the stay, maintain repeat clients, get new bookings, and messages to your clients of how and what the pet did during the stay, etc. Make sure you use Rover for your conversations instead of you personal phone or email. It will take time to build. Just be professional, fair, timely, clean, positive and get those reviews even if they are a few words. You want those5-stars! It may also depend on your locality.

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Re: New to Rover

I'm still fairly new as well but I have found making sure you update your availability makes a difference. 

Also to check other's rates around you so that you are comparable. 

And for me sharing on my social media that I'm a sitter and the dogs I sit/walk/board/drop in on and the fun we have has gotten me some referrals and new sits/boardings.


Re: New to Rover

When I first started I offered very competitive pricing for my services compared to others in my area. Always reply quickly to any inquiries. Time can definitely be a factor! Update bio info to reflect seasonal changes including discounts or other opportunities. Word of mouth can definitely help. Also make sure your availability on the app is accurate and up to date. Lots of pictures and updates for pet parents. And last but not least give it a bit of time... if you build it they will come!


Re: New to Rover

Starting out, our rates were lower than other sitters in our area in order to get clients to try us out. We raised them about 1 1/2 yrs later after we had steady clients. Word of mouth is great but if your clients leave a good review that is even better. 

Even though a lot of clients don't read the listings, it is a good idea to list all requirements you have and keep your calendar up to date.

Dog proofing your house/apt is a must! Not only for the safety of the dog but you don't want your personal items chewed up. 


Re: New to Rover

Even though rover does advertising, you do need to get out and promote your services.  Get testimonials from friends, family and anyone you have provided pet services.  If you have fostered, ask the organizers to give a testimonial.  Ask your rover customers for a review and give them your business cards for co-workers.  Go to pet friendly hotels, apts, grooming salons, vet clinics, etc.  Online, set up a google+ and post pictures of your pups you provide services and a blurb about your services with you rover link.  Check online for local Business-to-Business (B2B) to join and if your Nextdoor allows, post there also.  Good Luck!