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Dog fanatic

No Clients

Can you guys help me get clients and more clients by North Las Vegas NV

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Dog fanatic

Yes, same here

I join this about 2 month and zero client. Rover not really popular. 

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Re: No Clients

Your profile may be lacking clear focus, your pictures may be of poor quality, your rates may be to high, your availability doesn't fit clients needs, and you may not have any reviews or testimonials, those are the items most sitters struggle with if they aren't acquring clients.     And of note:   It can take time even months for a new sitter to acquire their first booking, in my case it took 3 months, yet some get that first booking quickly - it all comes down to profile, rates and availability


Re: No Clients

Please know that I'd Kudo Walt's post, but there's some glitch preventing that. All that he wrote is very true.

The quality of the profile, including what you write about, the pictures, the availability, testimonials, and rate matters! Look at it from the pet parent point of view - what will make them contact you vs. someone else?

Also, it's highly advisable to not solely rely on rover bringing in business. Talk to neighbors with pets, people you meet at pet friendly businesses (ask permission to leave business cards there-Vistaprint is a cheap way to get printed cards) and recreation areas, post on social media...

Re: No Clients

It's a fact - you can't solely rely on this app. An old boss told me being an entrepreneur and getting new clients is about relationships. Attend those dog friendly events - like my local Farmer's Market - and smile, acknowledge animal with a compliment, offer your card. ALWAYS have your "30 second elevator pitch" ready to explain what you do and the benefits of your service. Get to know the local groomers. Volunteer at your local shelter. Build your network.