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Promos/Coupon for repeat clients

Hi all! I was wondering if any of you offer promos or discounts for repeat clients? I know I feel like a valuable customer when I get a discount coupon from a business. I love giving my new customers the $20 off code but what about my loyal customers? I think they deserve a little something but I also want to keep my prices reasonable. Do you message your repeats and offer a discount out of your own pocket? 10%? 20%? Buy 5 get one free? Is there a feature I’m by chance missing on Rover? 

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Top dog

Re: Promos/Coupon for repeat clients

There isn't a feature to automate this. You can use the Cost Adjustment line to apply a discount prior to booking.

Besides that option, another consideration (which I prefer) is to offer more flexibility in services to long term repeats. For example, free pick up and/or drop off (depending on schedule availability), more flexibility regarding stays past 24  hour mark (reduced or no additional charges), authorizing full refunds when bookings rescheduled at last minute due to their error (despite strict cancellation policy), and light grooming (some offer free baths). Free small gift appropriate to the dog is also a nice touch (hair accesories for those who wear 'em to keep tufts of hair out of eyes, balls for ball playing dogs, soft fluffy toys for dogs who prefer those, etc.)