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Rates and Fees

I am curious as to how other sitters base their rates and fees. Do you charge your daily fee on a 24 hour period or by daily basis?

I set my rates as a daily charge. I accept dogs as early as 7:00am for overnight boarding. On the day of pick up, if the owners arrive before noon, I do not charge anything for the day. I do charge extra for pick up between noon and 6:00pm and I charge for a full day rate for pick up after 6:00pm. Of course I can be flexible and I am more lenient for longer stay, over a week. The problem I've had with a couple of clients early on was them booking for one night and dropping their dog off on Saturday morning and picking their dog up on Sunday evening and only paying for one night.

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Re: Rates and Fees

I too have been getting a lot of the one night reservations that drop off first thing in the morning and then pick up the next evening.  It is frustrating.  

Now I have applied a 24 hour policy.  Their dog is to be picked up at (or before) the 24 hour period mark from when they were dropped off.   If they would like a "late check out" they are to notify me as soon as possible.  Then I would apply a daycare fee accourdingly.  I have this policy posted on my profile, at my front door and inside.  That way they can't say it's not posted or "they didn't see it". 

So far it's been working out well.  Most of them now pick up on time. Or the few that are more then happy to pay the daycare fee.

Re: Rates and Fees

I always find out the drop off time and pick up time before accepting the booking and then adjust the rate accordingly. So if it's drop off 8am on Monday and pick up Tuesday at 5 pm I charge the one night boarding fee based on 24 hours and then let the client know that there will be a day board charge for the times between 8am and 5pm in advance to accepting the booking.   For regular clients if it goes only an hour or two over, I'm more flexible and don't charge, But more then 2 hours over the 24 hours, I charge a 1/2 day boarding.