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Recording Arrivals/Departures/Walks During House Sitting

When house sitting, has anyone come up with their own handy system to record things like arrival/departure/walks? It drives me insane that you can record all of this on the app if you book a walk or drop-in, but not during a sitting. 

I had one time a client accused me of not actually staying one of the nights I was booked. She said her neighbor told her I'd left her dog outside overnight. Incredibly frustrating as it had been a difficult dog yet I definitely stayed. The dog was not outside overnight. Yet I had no way to prove that I was even there. 

For walks I started using the app on my phone that tracks my walks. Then I screen shot it and send it to the client along with a picture of the dog on said walk. 

Ideas appreciated. I hope Rover has plans to improve the app for this purpose! 

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Re: Recording Arrivals/Departures/Walks During House Sitting

I have quickbooks self employed installed on my phone for monitoring my taxes for Rover over the year. One of the features includes tracking my mileage by tracking where I drive and when with a little map shown afterwards. At least in this instance, this information you could screenshot to send as proof.

To be proactive against nosey neighbors you could send an evening picture each night, such as the dog inside and say "its bedtime".

As for adding it to the app, that would be a fine idea as long as it wasn't mandatory like it is for drop-in visits. 

Dog fanatic

Re: Recording Arrivals/Departures/Walks During House Sitting

Don't smart phones have a location setting? I know in Google Maps tells you when and where you were with times.

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