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Hello! So I have a reaccuring client that I go to every Saturday to take care of their dogs. I’ve been there a few weeks now and I was about to ask her for a review. Except the day I was going to ask I was an hour late to take care of the dogs 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I was so upset at myself. Thank goodness she was very understanding and everything and I also didn’t accept payment from her. My question is: is it worth asking for a review? Or should I just let it be? I’m not even sure how to ask for one at this point. Thanks!

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Re: Reviews

You definitely could ask for her to provide a review, especially since she's been able to experience the care you've taken of her dogs over a few weeks. BTW: Good customer service recovery and building loyalty by deciding to comp that visit for the late arrival date.

You can let her know that you enjoy caring for her dogs and since you're building your business, it would be really helpful if she could please leave a review because many dog owners read those before deciding who to book and you'd like to care for more dogs.

Rover will send her a link, but sometimes that extra request from a sitter/walker, expressing that it's important and appreciated makes a difference.

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