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Community Manager

#TuesdayTips: How do you respond to a new client's initial request?

Hey sitters! Every Tuesday we'll be posing a question for our community to help inspire you as you build and grow your business.

So, let's hear it from you: What are the questions you ask/topics you bring up when responding to a new client request?

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Re: #TuesdayTips: How do you respond to a new client's initial request?

I usually respond to a new client by first telling them if I am available on the dates they requested and then propose a meet and greet with the dog and the owner so I can see how the dog acts around not only myself but my family. 


Re: #TuesdayTips: How do you respond to a new client's initial request?

Usually, my response is long, where I explain my requirements for the dog, lol.   If the owner doesn't feel comfortable or feel that I'm asking too much, I just let them know I want a safe environment for everyone. Most of my clients feel at ease and very happy.   this is my response: 

Hi Xxxxx, thanks for contacting me, I would love to take care of xxxx, before accepting new guests I require a meet and greet first, this gives me the opportunity to perform a temperament assessment, so I can evaluate if your pup is a good fit, and for you to check out my place. 

I want to know how your pup behave, because she would be treated and trusted exactly like I trust my dogs, meaning she will be indoors as much as she wants ( that's up to Xxxx and the weather) and she needs to show that there will be no "accidents", no chewing on our things/house, no excessive barking, and no trying to eat the baby ( we have a 2y toddler roaming around the house a lot) . When outside, it's important that she run as much as she wants but does not try to jump the fence, all puppies will have almost 4 acres to themselves, we do supervise our own dogs outside, they do wonder, and they do chase the occasional squirrel/bunny/deer, but they never try to go past the fence, and finally she needs to get along very well with other dogs, ours are very submissive, but every now and then we get a more dominant guest and they would have to share the space as they may all nap together. Also, it's important that she is not food aggressive and it's a big plus if she comes when called. ( this is very important, my fenced yard is almost 4 acres, so skittish, shy dogs, hunt dogs, and escape artist  are not a good fit for this property). 

I know it sounds like a long list but all of the dogs that we host already comply with all of this. All my guests are free to roam and play outside, to wear off that energy, so they can be calm inside the house and around the baby.
Also, my drop off/pick up times are from 10 am to 9 pm. Just wanted to let you know so you can plan accordingly.  
Please let me know your thoughts,