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Vaccination, flea/ticks, cleanliness

It is ok to ask the owner for a proof of the vaccination and a proof of tick/flea prevention?

It is frowned upon if I ask for the dog to be clean the moment they arrive at my house?

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Re: Vaccination, flea/ticks, cleanliness

Yes, it's okay to ask.

I think it's easiest to ask prior to m&g if current on vaccination, flea prevention, etc. and during m&g confirm what vaccinations are current, which preventative is taken for fleas, etc., anything else administered, and confirm who is dog's vet& contact info. By asking that way, it's more conversational and yields more information in case of future need.

As for cleanliness, if during the m&g, you think the dog is not up to your standards, you can choose to either not book the dog (as not a good fit) or ask if they can be bathed prior to their arrival.