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Watch out for scam

Hello fellow sitters!

I recently got a request to dogsit a golden retriever “Cookie” by Melissa Brown through Rover which turned out to be a scam! She wanted to pay me in advance, sent me a cashier’s check, and then asked me to deposit most of it into a different account to “pay the man shipping the kennel”. Fortunately, I was not fooled. I wanted to make you all aware though because she was quite tricky. She spoke very broken English and most of the conversation revolved around the payment and kennel ordering rather than the dog. Do not accept a cashier’s check from a distant client because it can be pulled from the bank even after the deposit has gone through. Be safe!



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Re: Watch out for scam

Sitters in several forums including the Facebook groups report scam's all the time.   If something looks fishy contact Rover suppport

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Re: Watch out for scam

To accept payment for services, in any form (cash, check, etc.), would also be a complete violation of Rover's Terms Of Service (TOS) ...and grounds for your account to be permanently closed by Rover.

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