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Weird rate situation

Hey everyone!

So I received a request today that went great and led to scheduling a meet and greet for this coming Sunday. I was looking at her request closer and noticed that she had picked "extended stay" for her 3 dogs for 3 nights. Why is that an option if a real overnight stay isn't chosen? Extended stays are only if the dogs would be staying 4-5 nights unexpectedly, right? Well anyways she's getting a HUGE discount from doing that and I guess I'm okay with it. I do this for the fun and for loving the dogs but I doubt she will be a repeat client since I quickly went and removed that "option" from my Boarding/House Sitting services. Has anyone else had this issue? Obviously people want a good deal and $45 a night for 3 dogs (with issues) sounds like a darn good bargain to me! 

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Re: Weird rate situation

That's an unfortunate situation. If you later decide to try extended stays again, note that there is a box indicating how many days qualify for that rate, next to the nightly rate, which is per dog. So you get to decide what you consider an extended stay (or not offer at all). It sounds like you had that at an unbelievable $15 per night per dog -- an amazing bargain! In my area, a dog owner would find it challenging to get 1 good dog walk for $15 . During the booking process (before it's booked), if you notice something that just isn't right, you can always let the person know and what the adjusted amount would be.

Re: Weird rate situation

I really wish they would spell more things out. I'm afraid of changing rates and services these days since I keep having mishaps happen. One example would be that I can't change their service they're asking for myself so that spot isn't "pending" on my calendar to other clients. And 72 hours is a long time to wait for someone to accept a booking at this rate. I've had at least 5 people request me for this coming weekend alone. Rover is wonderful but it's a handful sometimes.


Re: Weird rate situation

Don't use the extended stay option especially if you have not had a meet & greet so you know what your getting in to. You can always change the rate on a regular booking, you can let them know during the meet & greet if you decide to discount for an extended stay or multi-pet.


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