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I'm just courious as to if anybody has delt with taking over when anotehr dog walker has quit. I jutsstarted with a new dog walking b/c teh client's other dog walker quit. The client seems ot expect me to jumpin and pick up rigth where the otehr one left off. I told the client I liek to start thinsg a bit slow to give teh dogs time ot get to know me and me them. The clienthas said teh otehr walker would walk them and givetehm outside time for a total of 2 hours.I said I do have otehr clients and can do 45 min - and hour walk an dplaytim total but ntomore then that. Yesterday Igot a message from tehm that I wasn't tehre long enough any day this week.I juststarted walking the 2 dogs on Tues. Just looking  for some advice on hwo to dela with this .Itold teh client I thought I had beentehre at least 45 min every day. That I would be more dilligent about teh time starting today. .Rigth now I'mnot sure if thsi wil work out .Since teh client onlybooks 2 weeks ata time Iahve next week to see hwo it goes.

Kim Lacey
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Re: dog walking

It's perfect that you told them up front that you don't have 2 hours of time to spend with adding their dogs to your already busy schedule. Since they decided to continue with you, that was their choice and they understand there are limits to how much time you are able to spend with their dogs.

If this was booked on Rover, you could remind them that Rover's definition of dog walks is 30 minutes. Maybe you adjusted the rate for a longer time, in that case if you used the Rover messaging system to document your conversation that you were willing to do 45 minutes to an hour maximum, that's great. According to the help section, the Rover app could also document when the service started & stopped. onlyles/211587446-How-does-the-dog-walking-map-feature-work- 

In case this booking came some other way (not through Rover, like referral/business cards), you could either book through Rover to use their tools or use picture/text message options on your cell phone to record the times you start & end.


Re: dog walking

It's easy to see why they have trouble finding a dog walker. It sounds like they are looking for a dog walker who also offers free pet sitting service.

I would explain to them that dog walking consists of a 45 minute walk. If they want you to spend 90 minutes with their dogs than they have to pay double for your time.

Personally, with them expecting you to pick right up where the last dog walker left off and expecting you to work an an extra hour for free, I would have passed on this one.

There are some clients who are unrealistic in what they expect for their dogs, and I find it best to avoid them or stop providing service for them.