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get togethers?

wonder if there are ever any get togethers of sitters to compare experiences, have a coffee etc?  I am a newbie.  Would be nice to talk face to face with others who are already pet sitting/walking

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Re: get togethers?

Nice idea. Maybe list your city or county & state?

So far, Rover is only testing the Connect Locally section of this board for 2 markets: Seattle & Denver.

I've heard there is more potential to connect with others if you join the rover Facebook group.

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Re: get togethers?

I built a local network of sitters/walkers in my local area, some work on Rover, some don't.   It's hard to get together because we are all busy with work and family but keep in touch on Facebook and other social media


Re: get togethers?

We are always working towards expanding and exploring new ideas for sitters to connect and network.  To get started, there are several great Facebook groups you can join and get a feel for who might be in your area!  Check out Sitters Group and Sitter to Sitter Referrals if you haven't already - there are great resources and networking opportunities through these channels.