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owners should get reviews too.

For some time I had the idea to write reviews about the owners to be seen only for sitters.

In some cases I had bad experiences with owners being rude, not paying in time, being aggressive or dogs breaking doors and owners not paying for what the dog did break. 

I would love to share my experiences (good and bad) with other sitters. So they can know what to expect.

There is some cases where my clients had to leave the city and move to another and the opposite ( when I have new clients coming from another city and they had previously experience with other sitter). 

Having a direct communication with other sitters and showing proof , I think brings more awereness of what to expect from the owners.

By showing proof I mean, pictures or videos. 

I'm very careful , so when I had dogs breaking things I  always have pictures showing the time and date.



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Dog fanatic

Re: owners should get reviews too.

I definitely agree --- I would love to see a review for the human client, and also the pets that are visible by past sitters.

Dog person

Re: owners should get reviews too.

I'd love owner and dog reviews too, visible from other sitters. When I'm at the point that I absolutely will not take a client again, whether it's because of the dog's behavior or the owner's, I'd like to be able to at least let the next sitter know what the issues were so they can decide for themselves whether they're okay to take them on instead of blindly reliving the same experience I had. This would be especially helpful with walking clients, since I can usually suss out potential problems during meet and greets with boarding clients. With walking, I'm going in blind every time.

Dog fanatic

Re: owners should get reviews too.

It's unfortunate when you have a great dog with an owner that is impossible to deal with!

I have a funny story.

I once had a repeat client whose dog I really liked. The problem was that he could never show up for pick-ups or drop-offs when we planned them. One day, he was scheduled to drop his dog off at 11 AM. When he didn't show up, I messaged him. He said he was sorry, but something had come up- and that he would now be dropping the dog off at 3 PM. Well, 3 PM became 6 PM, and so on. The dog was finally dropped off at midnight.

This happened multiple times before I finally confronted him and said that if it happened one more time I would no longer be able to sit his dog. He never brought the dog back, but if I go to his profile I can see that he's used roughly 10 other sitters since me!

Dog fanatic

Re: owners should get reviews too.

I agree it would be nice to see the owners and dogs reviews that could help a lot :)

Dog fanatic

Re: owners should get reviews too.

I totally agree with this! Luckily, it's rare but there have been some pretty wild experiences - I have had a dog left with me for 3 months, no response from him and once I decided he was mine and rehomed him after getting him a full medical check-up - when they looked up his chip, the owner has recently called in and said the dog was stolen - really? THEN a month later contacted me demanding I turn over his dog and threatening to sue me. That was the most bizarre but he really needs to be on everyone's radar along with just a few others. 

And I agree that Rover should also help us to get reimbursed for damage. It shouldn't come with the territory and owners know whether dogs have those proclivities and often fair to disclose. If they were required to disclose to protect themselves, that would be helpful but at the very least, allow us to rate them and provide that feedback so others can vet them!

Dog fanatic

Re: owners should get reviews too.

I also agree! I've had a couple of real doozies. An example of one is a current guest. It was a last minute booking -no time for a meet and greet- which is totally fine with me. However I am very clear and up front as I host dogs 25lbs and under. This particular client said her dog was four months old and 17lbs. Until the dog (and a different person than make the arrangement) dropped her off. She's closer to six months old and over 30lbs, twice the size of all of my other dogs. The guy took no responsibility and quickly left her. I don't dare say anything because I don't want to ruin my perfect rating. So I've had to simply suck it up for the past couple days. Luckily she goes home in a few hours! 

Re: owners should get reviews too.

Why can't we have reviews about owners at least amongst the dog sitter community. There are some dogs I'd love to sit, but don't do a repeat because of the owners.  On the flip side, it would be wonderful to also read reviews about the wonderful dog owners out there who book through Rover.