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Block clients.

When will we be getting a block option for some clients?

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Re: Block clients.

I wouldn't suggest holding your breath waiting for that.

What I've found works extremely well is if it's a Scam or illegitimate request, I notify support right away. They look into it and take appropriate action on those accounts.

If it's just someone whose pet I'm not willing to care for, I thank them for contacting me or considering me and tell them I'm not a match for their pet. Usually, I do not provide any reason. It's straight forward, to the point, stating I'm not a match for your pet, so  feel free to contact support, who will try to help you locate a better match. Done Quickly & it's over.

If I have an open dialog/good rapore and open communication with a non-defensive pet parent, I may explain what I think their pet would benefit from. and refer them to support if needed to help find what I recommend.