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How do I get clients

 I just became a sitter and I am wondering how long it takes to receive clients? I am available to pet sit , walk, boarding and house sit. I followed all the rover 101 suggestions and have not had any clients. I’ve put my client ID along with the promo code for new clients on social media but nothing. How long does it take to receive a client? I don’t know what else to do to promote my services

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Re: How do I get clients

There is no set time for new sitters to acquire clients, for some it happens very quickly for others it can take months.     It is common for new sitters to have the community review your profile and make suggestions for improvement or to correct deficiencies.   Post your Rover profile link from your dashboard and we can take a look for you.  Best of luck 

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Re: How do I get clients


I'M IN THE SAME BOAT. Just registered a few weeks ago and haven't got one bite (no pun intended). There are so many walkers in my area I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong :) ...


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