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Re: Sitter Community beta testers - please share your feedback

Some frivolous feedback would be to have a dog emojis too instead of just cat emojis. Would be more fun :catvery-happy:


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Sitter Community beta testers - please share your feedback

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks to all of you for participating in the community beta test and helping us work out the kinks in this platform before we roll it out to all sitters.  Your feedback has been SO valuable, and has allowed @Bea and I to make some very important modifications to this community.

I wanted to take a quick moment to summarize some of the ideas and feedback that we received from you all and report out on progress made against those ideas:

Ideas that you shared that we implemented:

  • Create a “start here” post to quickly help new users navigate through the community (thanks, @terradawn!): You can see the “start here” thread that we created here.
  • Require members to create a login before they write out a post (not after, so they don’t risk losing the post they drafted) (thanks again, @terradawn!): Done!

Ideas that you shared that we haven’t yet implemented, but are considering in the near future:

  • Adding a link between performance on the site and status in community (thanks @Flowseidon69, @Cthomas79, @DanielaMKE): I love this idea and am going to spend some time thinking through the best way to do this.  There are creative and development partners that we need to engage to help us implement this level of profile integration, so it isn’t anything we can do soon, but know that we’re working on it.
  • Local discussion rooms that allow you to connect with other sitters in your specific area (thanks, @KTM71, @ChristineR, @kellee6): This is a great idea, and we have added it to the short-term community roadmap!  In order for local boards to be effective, we need a large enough member base in each city to ensure that each board receives enough conversation from members and doesn’t become a “dead zone”. So once we reach that point we will begin rolling out local boards.  
  • Highlight one sitter per week (thanks, @Erica214): Love this idea - @Bea is working on pulling this series together.
  • Add dog emojis! (thanks, @Cassielite)  Wow, you are totally right. We have cat emojis, but not dog emojis... What gives?!  We’ll work on creating some. Also, for those of you who visit the community from your mobile device, in addition to using the community emojis you can also use the emojis that your phone offers.  

Ideas that you shared that we aren’t implementing:

  • Nested threads (thanks @Ghoulia, @Sarah, @Cthomas79): A lot of you shared the desire to have nested threads.  I connected with our platform vendor, Lithium Technologies, and unfortunately they do not offer the capability to do nested threads at the present moment. (I agree that it would be super helpful, and I’m going to keep my ears open in case they launch this feature as an option down the road).    
  • Bring in more color (thanks, @nanc0555): Thanks for the suggestion, but our brand team put a lot of thought into how this page is designed in a way that complements our Rover brand, so we are going to keep the design as is for the time being.  
  • A mobile app version of this community (thanks, @Eryn): While I think this is a GREAT idea and something that I personally think would be a huge value add, I connected with our platform vendor and they unfortunately do not offer mobile app capabilities at this time.  They are constantly introducing new products and updated features, though, so I’m going to keep my eye out and see if this is a capability they’re able to offer down the road.

Community-related questions that you asked:

  • Is there a help section on how to use this community? (thanks, @4pawsvacations) Yes, check it out here!
  • Will we continue to operate both this site and the Sitters Facebook group? (thanks, @Sarah) For now, yes, we will continue to operate both communities.  However, we recognize that both communities serve a similar purpose, so we’d love to hear from you all what kind of value you’re getting from this community versus Facebook.  
  • Can I post photos from my mobile phone? Yes, you can! When looking to add a photo to a post, just click on the little camera icon above the text screen.

Thanks again, everyone, for the great ideas and feedback that you provided.  We hope that you continue to stop by and use this community!

- @AndreaH and @Bea, Your Sitter Community Team

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Dog fanatic

Re: Sitter Community beta testers - please share your feedback

w00t!! (w00f???)  You guys are on it!! :D