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Sitters keep your guard up!

I just want to share my experience at a meet and greet yesterday so others can be more alert.  The meet and greet was going well.  It was for an overnight pet sitting job for New Year’s Eve.  It was a lady that lived at the residence and her boyfriend was there with her.  We went over everything we needed to go over and I had accepted the job.  At the end of the visit the boyfriend nudges her and says you need to tell her.  So... then she lets me know she has a roommate and HE maybe in and out while I’m here.  At that time he pulls up and it was very awkward because I didn’t know them and I was kind of scared to react so I just went with it and when I left the more I thought about it the more I realized that I don’t think she was planning on telling me about him.  Needless to say after I got home I sent her a message declining the job.  But I will def be asking about roommates and anyone else that has access to come in the home before I waste my time with a meet & greet again.  That could have been a very bad situation if he would have came in that house while I’m there by myself.  It’s scary to think back on now.

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Re: Sitters keep your guard up!

Safety is the number 1 rule.    House sitting is its own beast with so many variables, glad they told you, and glad you've decided to add the question to your M&G

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