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what if a client has before payed in cash for a booking instead through rover?

I have a client with six dogs that she wants me to pet sit. she told be that she had another pet sitter that she paid in cash instead through rover because she asked if rover kept a portion of the money and I said yes. then she said that she did it before and that wasn't a problem so i said okay because i didnt want to make a big deal about it. i am just wondering if thats okay because i already said its okay and if not can she pay in cash through rover so i can keep all the money?

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Re: what if a client has before payed in cash for a booking instead through rover?

If a client found you some other way outside of Rover (such as referral, your own business cards, your own social media presence), then you can book all services however you want, including accepting cash.

However, if this client found you  and/or another sitter through, then they are violating rover's Terms Of Service (TOS,) as are you and the other sitter also in violation of TOS by accepting cash. All associated accounts (theirs, yours, the other sitter's) can be suspended and/or permanently closed for that type of violation, cutting rover out of their fees when they bring parties together. 6 dogs is seriously a lot of responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Add the fact that she shared she used another sitter who she paid cash and it seems like that person isn't taking on this repeat client is definitely cause for hesitation. There could be good explanations. It just doesn't sound like a walk in the park. Of course, if problems occur during this (which sounds somewhat likely) & it's not booked on rover, Rover wouldn't offer support in that circumstance.

If this booking hasn't completed, I'd suggest letting her know that you were mistaken and it really needs to be booked through rover.