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Beginner tips?

Hey! My wife and I just started rover. We are clueless on how to get clients to start working. We don’t want to wait to be booked by someone on the app because there are many people who work with rover with good reviews and testimonials. 

How did you guys go about it?

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Re: Beginner tips?

Hi!  Definitely also join the Sitter to Sitter Referral Group on Facebook if you have not already, and start connecting with other sitters nearby who can introduce you to potential clients.

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Re: Beginner tips?

I'd encourage you to get the word out through as many ways as you can, not solely promote online, which can be a waiting game. This thread fom last year has responses from a few people.

You may find more ideas either in this community or the more established Q&A community (link at the bottem of the page).

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