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Community Manager

Community User Ranks - Explained!

Hi Rover sitters,

Have you been wondering what those little words (such as “newbie” or “dog fanatic”) next to your community username mean?  This is the rank that you occupy within the Rover Sitter Community! Ranks serve as an easy way for you to distinguish who is the most involved in the community (and therefore, who has the most klout).  

Ranks are assigned based on activity level within the community, so the more you interact in the community (by asking questions, answering questions, providing kudos, viewing topic threads, etc.), the higher in rank you’ll move.  For example, to rank up to Dog Fanatic, you need to have at least one log-in and make at least one contribution to the community. As you move up in rank, the requirements to move up again become increasingly tougher.

Here is a list of our current rank structure:

  1. Best in show
  2. Pack leader
  3. Top dog
  4. Champ
  5. Dog fanatic
  6. Dog person
  7. Newbie (all new members start here)

Also, congrats to our first 9 Rover sitter community CHAMPS!  @TimD@Mercy@Cassielite@OCdogcare@VivianaR@WaltG@Derek@MiniFarm@4pawsvacations  Thanks to you all for your great contributions to the sitter community.      

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Top dog

Re: Community User Ranks - Explained!

@AndreaH   Knowing about the rankings is cool, can you expand this a bit and provide the criteria to advance to the other levels?   Thanks

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Community User Ranks - Explained!

@WaltG I can't share specifics, as we don't want any members to game the ranking system.  But, I CAN tell you that actions that members can take within the community (posting a question, answering questions, providing kudos, commenting on blog posts, etc.) are worth certain, weighted point values, and a member accumulates points as he/she contributes.  Each rank is assigned a specific point value, so any combination of actions that a member takes to achieve the total point value will move him/her up to that rank.

Hope this helps!