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Help me get my first client!

I have yet to be booked for any of the options that I offer and I was hoping to find some Rover veterans (or really anyone) who could help me bolster my profile as best I can to attract a client. I have attached my profile for easy viewing. Anything would help! 

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Re: Help me get my first client!

I see that there's only a handful of sitters/walkers in your city, mostly without verfied reviews and very few at that with only 1 or 2 repeat clients (which are only for stays booked on I saw there are more sitters/walkers in other cities, but only those near bigger cities seem to have a decent amount of bookings. It leads me to question how much people in your area are using rover to find a match. Your calendar shows very open availability.  Your text under About Nathan sounds more limiting "available most, if not all, weekends and most afternoons". I'd suggest cutting out "if not all" and also let people know if you're available for morning & evening walks. You may even consider changing your service area as a test to around Fort Wayne if you're already spending a good deal of time there and see if you can get booked for walks and drop in visits before/after classes and such. You might have a better idea on the needs of IN. pet owners, but in CA. it's not unusual for someone to look for a walker who can take the dogs on 3 or 4 walks per day. I'd also reword that you dont have a dog and include that later in the sentence or section. Maybe something like: I’ve been walking/playing with/taking care of dogs for 4+ years. I'd love to care for your dog because I don't have one of my own currently as I'm attending college at PFW (or even spell it out).

Your rates are on the lower end of local providers, which may add incentive for someone to book you. In my area, that can work the other way as a perception is lower rate equals less care/service. You're in a better position than me to know what is common going rate, including what facilities and other competitors charge (although I like to think rover sitters/walkers provide much more personalized care and are worth more than that).

Beyond this, it seems you may need to promote yourself face to face, through business cards, and social media to lead pet owners to your profile. You may start with checking how you can promote at PFW (bulletin board, newsletter, tear out strips on a sheet)?