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What does the owner bring?

I haven’t seen many conservations regarding what an owner should bring vs what the Rover sitter provides.  Can you offer any insight?   I’m not a baker but I do have store bought biscuits.  I have a ton of beds, blankets and toys.  Thanks community! 

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Re: What does the owner bring?

Owners should bring an ample amount of the dogs food, more than what typically consumes as they may be more active when boarding.   They should also bring any medication or supplements for the dog.   Depending on your setup some sitters ask the owner to bring their crate and bedding to help the dog transition to your home with familiar surroundings and smells.   Also a toy or two.

What should you have on hand?    Extra crates, X-pens, baby gates to secure the dog and or separate them for quiet time.    Ample cleaning supplies and don't forget about belly bands.   While most dogs are house trained in their home they may not be in your home, so be prepared.   Best of luck



Re: What does the owner bring?

Every dog has different needs, and we as sitters need to be careful with the food.  Some puppies can be allergic to something, so we should be careful with the treats. 

So I ask the owners to bring all the food ( a day before I send a message as a reminder to bring all items)  bed, blankets, crates (if needed), medication, an old shirt, old pillow, treats, bowls, and any extra item the dog may need.   For example, some of my clients are senior, so my clients are welcome to bring any kind of equipment to make the stay easier (ramps, special chairs, etc).  Asking for extra food in case of emergency is a good idea too, life happens and sometimes the owners plans changed and they need to book other extra nights, so having extra food comes in handy. 

We as sitters can we offer bowls, towels, beds, toys, etc.  Also having a few extra crates is a good idea in case of emergency, or in case a client forgets their crate. Having extra bowls is crucial too,  many owners can forget to bring a bowl.  

Before giving a dog store-bought biscuits, make sure to ask the owner if that's ok.